Janet Edmonds

Embroiderer, Tutor, Author

3 thoughts on “New design

  1. I look forward to seeing this. What techniques will you be using?
    Jane R

    • Happy New Year! I hope it will be a creative one.
      I have constructed the area around the central motif by layering a metallalic net over a heavy silk fabric. I have used free machining with gold thread to combine these two layers. A mosaic of small pieces of silk fabric were machined together using a dissolvable background to support. When washed to dissolve the background, I placed this fabric on top of the metallic net. The next stage was to hand stitch with a thick rayon thread that added some texture to the surface. It still looked unfinished so I then added a layer of free machining with gold metallic thread. that’s about as far as I have got with the production of the piece. I anticipate that it will take many months to complete which is why i have begun now when the exhibition does not take place until November 2019.
      Further techniques will be trialed in the coming months but I want to include some metal thread techniques which, as you know, take a long time to do! Sections will be stitched in small pieces and then added. I am hoping to record my progress on this piece via the website so keep looking for updates.

      • It looks and sounds amazing! I’ll look out for progress reports.
        I’m currently working on a commisssion to be placed in the local eye hospital, which is loosely based on an eye motif but a fairly abstract design (a mixture of machine embroidery and hand-stitch). Our group are planning two exhibitions, hopefully later this year. Will let you know when we have confirmed dates and venues.
        Happy new year to you.

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