Janet Edmonds

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Adventures with Stitch- Chuck Close

This workshop looks at the work of Chuck Close, the American artist who paints in the photo realism style. His work is divided into grids with each square painted separately. hen seen close to, the work looks abstract, but when seen from a distance, it transforms into a portrait. I have adapted this idea to pixilated a photo and draw each square separately. These are then stitched individually to form an image. I have also looked at individual squares from his work and made collages from them. These too can be individually stitched.





Adventures with stitch- Kandinsky

imageKandinsky uses a number of different shapes and symbols in his paintings. There are meandering lines, straight lines,checkerboard patterns in black and white,triangles and circles. Using these symbols, together with his colour palette, this workshop will explore the patterns and work them using couching and other line stitches onto a coloured background.