Janet Edmonds

Embroiderer, Tutor, Author

Adventures with stitch- Kandinsky


imageKandinsky uses a number of different shapes and symbols in his paintings. There are meandering lines, straight lines,checkerboard patterns in black and white,triangles and circles. Using these symbols, together with his colour palette, this workshop will explore the patterns and work them using couching and other line stitches onto a coloured background.



Author: janetedmonds165

Embroiderer, Tutor, Author

6 thoughts on “Adventures with stitch- Kandinsky

  1. Hi Janet. We are hoping you might be available to give a talk and possibly a workshop for us at Bristol Quilters. The dates we have in mind are:

    November 2014, April, May or June 2015.

    I should be grateful if you could let me know.

    Many thanks

    • Hello Stephanie

      Thank you for your invitation to come to Bristol. I would be happy to do that.
      What date in November did you have in mind? If that clashes with existing dates, I would choose the April 2015 date
      Usually I talk about my own work.
      I look forward to hearing from you.

      Best wishes

  2. Hi Janet
    I am Programme secretary of the Norwich Branch of the Embroiderers Guild and have been charged with asking if you would like to come and do a talk and workshop for us? Love the Kandinsky.

    I have these dates available
    Friday 2nd Oct 2015 in the evening for a talk and Saturday 3rd for a 10-4pm workshop
    similarly for 6/7 Nov 2015.
    After that we are into the following year’s programme but I can send you those dates if the others are not convenient.
    We all love your work and I do hope you can come to see us and our beautiful medieval city.
    Kind regards
    Suzanne Gill
    01603 627586

    • hi Suzanne
      Thank you for your enquiry about a workshop. I would love to come to Norwich and do a workshop for your branch.
      October 2/3 would be fine. would you like me to do a workshop on Kandinsky?
      my new book may be out by then which includes a chapter inspired by his work.
      I will talk about my own work.
      It hope this is OK
      best wishes

      • Dear Janet. Suzanne has had to cease the role of Programme secretary here in Norwich. As a stop gap, as branch secretary, I have filled her shoes. She will be a difficult person to replace.
        I wonder if you could offer another date for us here? We are looking at 2016 (which does seem eons ahead, but I find we get to the future so quickly now. Are you able to book this far ahead? Either Fri 5, Sat 6 Feb, or in March 4 and 5th?
        Many thanks
        Frances Overy

      • hello Suzanne
        I would be able to do the 4th or 5th March 2016 for a workshop on Kandinsky.
        Please do not worry about cancelling the October date. I have a very busy Month with the K & Stitch and an exhibition to prepare work for so I will be glad to have the extra time.

        Do come and visit the stand at K & S if you are visiting – RCJ7. I will have my new book there

        Best wishes

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