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Diary September 2018 onwards


September 8th Oxford branch Embroiderers’ Guild workshop

‘Inspired by Hundertwasser’








Saturday 15th September  North Herts Settlement

Tuesday 18th September St Georges Ascot – workshop

Saturday 8th October Chiltern Embroidery and Textile group – ‘Wacky Workshop’

Tuesday 16th October Pipers School Great Kingshill workshop 3D inspirations

Thursday 25th October Workaid -Design & Stitch workshop – Cutwork

Taking Textiles Turther2019/20

 This years theme will explore various aspects of Pattern, a vast subject found across all cultures and traditions within the decorative arts.

Sat/Sun 27/28th October  Missenden ‘Taking textiles Further’ exploring pattern

This course will explore historical themes in relation to pattern, referencing the floral designs of William Morris the well known nineteenth century designer

March 9/10th March 2019 We will explore pattern using architecture as a theme to create an angular, geometric style incorporating straight lines, simple shapes and flat colour. A variety of methods of making print blocks will enable repeats to be made and the use of bold colour contrasts and varied line quality will ensure imaginative pattern to be formed. Consideration will be given to how these patternsmay be translated into fabric and thread.

15/16th June 2019

During the course we will construct and embellish a range of 3D forms inspired by flowers. We will work with a variety of materials; paper, card, plastics, wires and thread to make decorative elements that will be repeated to build pattern. Let your imagination run riot as we interpret the many amazing plant forms in the style of Haeckel. The resulting designs will lend themselves to the construction of jewelry in all its variety, mirror frames,  dimensional panels or decorations for shoes or hats.

1/2nd December 2018 Chartridge Lodge Group mentoring weekend

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From Art to Stitch

IMG_5809I have just done a talk for the Maidstone branch of the Embroiderers Guild about the making of my latest book. I will be doing this again for the Enfield branch on Saturday 11th March 2017 with a follow up workshop on Saturday 29th April on ‘Chuck Close’. The workshop will be about working with squares, a key feature of the work by Chuck cCose.

The book  has generated a number of new courses based on the work that I have done for it. These are:

Chuck Close – grids, print and straight stitch

Van Gogh – colour mixing with textured stitch

Kandinsky – Geometric shape with couching

Hundertwasser – Bright primary colours combined with pattern and darning for painterly surfaces

John Piper – mono print and mark-making

Morandi – small scale still life with detatched buttonhole stitch

Matisse – pattern and composite stitches

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Creating a pattern reference book for textile and embroidery


This course aims to inspire embroiderers and textile artists to generate a book of designs that may be interpreted using fabric and thread that may then be made into a variety of items.

During the course we will use a variety of coloured papers to cut and tear, together with simple print to build pattern as a reference for future embroiderey projects. We will try out small stitched samples, to bring the patterns to life and suggest methods of working with fabric and thread. Other techniques will be incising, layering and adding found objects and beads to surfaces.

By the end of the course participants will have a little book full of ideas to take away and stitch.


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Inspiration from Georgie Morandi

morandi-1I have just taught a course at Belsey Bridge Conference Centre as part of the East Suffolk Summer School.

It was a friendly and inspiring event with members of Embroiderers’Guild Branches from the Eastern Region coming together to create, stitch and meet with friends and make new ones.

Lesley Jones who organised it together with Helen did a fantastic job and made us all very welcome.

I was surprised to meet up with a student whom I have not seen for about 30 years. She was in one of my  groups when I first began teaching. That must be a networking first!

My group was exploring the work of Italian artist Georgio Morandi who painted the simple beauty of light on forms with a soft delicate palette of colour that reflected the colours of his home town Bolognia where he painted the same small group of vessels all his life. He painted landscape too but we were focusing on the still life objects and working small scale.


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Medal for Excellence

This is obviously my year! First the medal for excellence and then the Broderers Prize. I have just been presented with my medal on my last City & Guilds weekend at Missenden Abbey. I have worked there since 1991 delivering C & G courses and others during that time. I will miss meeting people from all walks of life and sharing in their creative journey. I hope that I have made a difference and inspired all those who have come to the Abbey to develop their creativity. There have been many talented embroiderers and it has been a very great pleasure to work along side them.


There is much work still to do, free-lance workshops and summer schools, more books to write and my own work to develop. I look forward to it all.IMG_3046IMG_3049This is the last group of City & Guilds students I will have the pleasure of working with. They have produced some stunning work and I am proud to have played a small part in their creative development.