Janet Edmonds

Embroiderer, Tutor, Author


structure – print – fold – stitch

This course explores the folded form which will be decorated with print and stitch, and is in three stages.

The first is to fold paper into container shapes inspired by origami methods.

The second is to develop print blocks to correspond to shapes and sizes within the folded paper and then to print with them.

Print will be applied to  paper and fabric  and will be further enhanced by stitch.

This course will appeal to anyone who enjoys construction, print and stitch.

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A design workshop for creating three dimensional structures

This experimental design workshop aims to explore three dimensional structures. We will consider the potential of repeated elements to create form using primary sources as inspiration.
students will explore materials and respond to their characteristics as they relate to developing form. They will design and create a simple structure and take away ideas for further work including interpretation into fabric and thread.

layers of incised paper