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Diary September 2018 onwards



September 8th Oxford branch Embroiderers’ Guild workshop

‘Inspired by Hundertwasser’








Saturday 15th September  North Herts Settlement

Tuesday 18th September St Georges Ascot – workshop

Saturday 8th October Chiltern Embroidery and Textile group – ‘Wacky Workshop’

Tuesday 16th October Pipers School Great Kingshill workshop 3D inspirations

Thursday 25th October Workaid -Design & Stitch workshop – Cutwork

Taking Textiles Turther2019/20

 This years theme will explore various aspects of Pattern, a vast subject found across all cultures and traditions within the decorative arts.

Sat/Sun 27/28th October  Missenden ‘Taking textiles Further’ exploring pattern

This course will explore historical themes in relation to pattern, referencing the floral designs of William Morris the well known nineteenth century designer

March 9/10th March 2019 We will explore pattern using architecture as a theme to create an angular, geometric style incorporating straight lines, simple shapes and flat colour. A variety of methods of making print blocks will enable repeats to be made and the use of bold colour contrasts and varied line quality will ensure imaginative pattern to be formed. Consideration will be given to how these patternsmay be translated into fabric and thread.

15/16th June 2019

During the course we will construct and embellish a range of 3D forms inspired by flowers. We will work with a variety of materials; paper, card, plastics, wires and thread to make decorative elements that will be repeated to build pattern. Let your imagination run riot as we interpret the many amazing plant forms in the style of Haeckel. The resulting designs will lend themselves to the construction of jewelry in all its variety, mirror frames,  dimensional panels or decorations for shoes or hats.

1/2nd December 2018 Chartridge Lodge Group mentoring weekend

Author: janetedmonds165

Embroiderer, Tutor, Author

2 thoughts on “Diary September 2018 onwards

  1. Hi Janet,
    I will be coming to your Sept 27th Course at Workaid Chesham now, so could you let me have details of what to bring ?
    Many thanks

    • Hi Marion, I look forward to seeing you on 27th September. for the design session please bring a sketchbook or some cartridge paper, tissue paper, coloured or not, coloured papers that you have coloured or decorated yourself, scissors and cutting equipment, pva glue and brush, Caran d’ache crayons, a few gel pens or felt pens. For stitching bring a piece of loosely woven fabric, embroidery hoop, usual sewing kit, and a selection of embroidery threads to include thick, thin, mattt and shiny. We will be doing some creative darning. All this information can be found on the Workaid website.
      Best wishes

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