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Inspiration from Georgie Morandi

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morandi-1I have just taught a course at Belsey Bridge Conference Centre as part of the East Suffolk Summer School.

It was a friendly and inspiring event with members of Embroiderers’Guild Branches from the Eastern Region coming together to create, stitch and meet with friends and make new ones.

Lesley Jones who organised it together with Helen did a fantastic job and made us all very welcome.

I was surprised to meet up with a student whom I have not seen for about 30 years. She was in one of my  groups when I first began teaching. That must be a networking first!

My group was exploring the work of Italian artist Georgio Morandi who painted the simple beauty of light on forms with a soft delicate palette of colour that reflected the colours of his home town Bolognia where he painted the same small group of vessels all his life. He painted landscape too but we were focusing on the still life objects and working small scale.


Author: janetedmonds165

Embroiderer, Tutor, Author

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