Janet Edmonds

Embroiderer, Tutor, Author

4 thoughts on “City & Guilds Medal for Excellence

  1. Hello Janet. I’ve just seen you won the City & Guilds medal – well done! very deserved. Don’t imagine you remember me, I never managed to finish the Certificate course (despite you letting me have twice the time 2000 to 2006ish I think at Missenden Abbey). I’ve STILL not finished that final finished piece, but when health allows (my knackeredness has taken over my entire life now) I do carry on exploring a few more of the ideas of the samples one can do – I’ve got a list from the course and am slowly working my way through them. Regards Lois Addy

    • hello Lois
      great to hear from you and yes I do remember you and your lovely creative work. I’ m sorry to hear that your health is still giving you problems and limiting what you can do, but good to hear that you are still doing some stitching.
      You may also like to know that I have been awarded the Broderers Prize. It is very prestigious and I have just been to Buckingham Palace to receive it from Princess Anne! You just never know what is around the corner!
      Missenden Abbey will close its doors to Adult Learning at the end of summer school. It is the end of an era and very sad.

      best wishes

  2. That’s really exciting! How lovely that your life’s work in promoting and teaching creative embroidery has been recognised. Am really thrilled for you.

    Yes very sad that missenden is ending. Was it budget cuts? Or less interest from learners? The recession can’t have helped. I have lots of very happy memories of both missenden and the people I met there.

    I’ve just bought your Art to Stitch book. It’s gorgeous!!!!! I foresee many happy hours looking at the pictures when I’m too knackered to actually do anything. As well as actually doing things. I feel all enthused by it, and am hugely taken with the different ways you are presenting samples.

    I’m a bit flakey on voting I keep forgetting its daily, but doing my best. However if you lose by a single vote, mea culpa!

    • hi Lois
      thank you for your comments. I too have fond memories of your time at Missenden and seeing your creative responses to my imput. they were good times with many very creative and innovative students.
      I’m so pleased that you are enjoying the Art to Stitch book. I did enjoy writing it and hope to do more. the Small stitch samples on luggage .labels may suit you when you have energy.
      best wishes

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