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IMG_5809Still-life from MatissePreparations are well under way for the Knit & Stitch show at Ally Pally in October.

I will be there with my new book ‘From Art to Stitch’ on stand number RCJ7. I will have books to sell and will show much of the work that I have made for it some of which will also be for sale. my thread stand will also be available

Author: janetedmonds165

Embroiderer, Tutor, Author

12 thoughts on “Knit & Stitch

  1. Please keep a copy of your book for me, I’m coming on Sunday. Also I have been told by Valerie Knowles that you have tassel frames. Not sure if you’ll have them with you but I can ask you on Sunday

    Many thanks

    • Hi Lesley
      I do have frames but didn’t have them at the show. I hope that you were able to get a book on the Sunday. If you can email your address, I can send a frame to you. they cost £4, £4.50 and £5 each but I do a set of three for £ 10.50. the sizes are 4, 6 and 8 inches.
      let me know what you would like.
      My email is Janet.edmonds@ gmail.com

      • Dear Janet

        How lovely to hear from you. Yes I did get the book thank you and I would like the set of three tassel frames. How do I pay you? I can send a cheque if I have your address or can use PayPal if you send me a bill.

        Kind regards Lesley

        Sent from my iPad


      • Hi Lesley, if you email me with your address I will send you a set of frames. I am happy to take a cheque or to pay by PayPal but I’ m not sure how that works.

      • Thank you

        My address is 3 Mendip Close, Warminster, BA12 8QZ. If you let me have yours, I’ll pop the cheque in the post

        Kind regards Lesley

        Lesley Fudge MSc BA (Hons) RGN


      • I will put them in the post and include an invoice. hope that is OK

      • Hi Lesley, the frames are in the post and you should get them early next week.

  2. Hi Janet, I have just got your wonderful book but I am puzzled by one thing so far. What is a tufting foot? Looked on the internet and they only come up with tufting machines for carpets. Maybe it is called something different in the States.

    • Hi Jackqui
      a tufting foot is one that is used traditionally for tailors tacks in dressmaking. It makes looped stitches, normally to mark a position or line. I use it to create texture. The stitches should be stabilised on the back of the fabric by using bondaweb. this prevents the stitches from pulling out.

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