Janet Edmonds

Embroiderer, Tutor, Author

5 thoughts on “Taking Textiles Further

  1. Hi Janet

    I love your work and wondered whether it would be possible for me to come on one of your workshops. I am pretty new to embroidery but have spent the past 5 years doing City and Guilds Feltmaking. I am finding that I love embroidery even more and am keen to learn to be adventurous. I travel to Devon frequently (I live in Cheshire) and would be grateful if you would let me know if there is any opportunity for me to particitate. Many thanks.

    • Hello Sue
      I run a creative stitch workshop in Devon, just outside Totnes, with my colleague Ros Hills. It is for folk like yourself who want some structure to their development.
      We organise it on a two year cycle, year 1 is for design imput and year2 for stitch, followed by an exhibition that the group organises.

    • I can send the dates if you are interested in joining the group. we have three weekends a year in April, June and September.

      • Hi Janet

        Yes, please do send me the dates. I have friends in Topsham who I stay with when down in Devon so I may well be able to make April, June and September.


      • Hi Janet… yes could you please let me have the dates you will be meeting? Many thanks. Sue

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