Janet Edmonds

Embroiderer, Tutor, Author

structure – print – fold – stitch


This course explores the folded form which will be decorated with print and stitch, and is in three stages.

The first is to fold paper into container shapes inspired by origami methods.

The second is to develop print blocks to correspond to shapes and sizes within the folded paper and then to print with them.

Print will be applied to  paper and fabric  and will be further enhanced by stitch.

This course will appeal to anyone who enjoys construction, print and stitch.

Image to follow

Author: janetedmonds165

Embroiderer, Tutor, Author

2 thoughts on “structure – print – fold – stitch

  1. I bought your book, “from print to stitch” and I’m wondering what a Couronne stick is. It’s listed under sewing materials on page 16. In Florida, USA we don’t find that term. Alice fletcher

    • Hello Alice
      Good to hear that you have my book ‘From Print to Stitch’. A couronne stick is a wooden tool used to make buttonhole rings on. It is tapered and has little notches at intervals along its length so that when working the rings, they dont slip off the stick and so that you can regulate the size of them. You could make the rings using the end of a pencil or a suitable sized knitting needle but they do slip around and it is more difficult to make a set of them all the same size. I hope that helps and you are right to point out that I have not included a description of it.
      I do hope that you enjoy the book and dont find any other omissions but do let me know if you do!

      Best wishes

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